Whether Commuting or Mountain Biking, There's a Folding Bike for you!


Folding bikes have come a long way in the last decade. Once thought of as amusing and unstable, they're now sturdy, beautifully designed and highly practical.

Whether you're after a folding mountain bike for off road adventures or a zippy, compact folding bike for zipping to the train station, there are models available to suit all purposes and budgets.

Folding bikes are ideal any time space is at a premium, whether in your flat, car, office, caravan or even on the train. Because they can go virtually anywhere with you, they're also more secure and less likely to be stolen. Why leave your folding bike locked up anywhere dodgy when you can pack it up in seconds and take it with you?

Some cycling enthusiasts even make the case that folding bikes are better for the environment because they can be useful in a wider range of situations. Owners report riding them to work instead of taking the bus, or using them between the station and home instead of taking a taxi. Since they're so easy to bring everywhere, they tend to get used more frequently.

The foldable mountain bike is also increasingly gaining in popularity, thanks to advancements in its construction. Brands such as Montague Bikes are making models so well designed, you'd be hard pressed to point out which is the folding bike when it's zipping down the trails.

Scoot Around on a Xootr Folding Bike

Xootr makes a fabulous bike that just happens to fold. If you like the idea of a "real" bike that can be compact when required, their classic styling and wheelbase are definitely worth a look. While Xootr makes cycles that look and ride just like a standard bike, they're still very light and can fold down in 10 seconds.

Xootr bikes can go just about anywhere with you, too. They pack into a standard suitcase, meaning you can even take them on a plane with no extra hassle. You'd be hard pressed to beat their lifetime warranty and great service as well. The only downside for anyone who likes the idea of a folding bike to do some exploring off the beaten path is that these cycles aren't ideal for off-road riding.

In particular, the Xooter Swift is incredibly lightweight and folds down in 10 seconds, beating the portability factor of many of its rivals. Yet when assembled, its ride feels smooth and sturdy, just like a standard bike. With 8 speeds and plenty of options, it's not one to dismiss.

Try a Sturdy Shimano Folding Bike

While the frames tend to be produced by other manufacturers, there are some great folding bikes available that are complete with quality Shimano components. Shimano even makes folding mountain bikes that are affordable and easy to use, although some riders have indicated that parts needed unexpected adjustments before being ready to ride.

Overall, however, the world's leading component maker has produced folding bikes that are light, compact, fashionably designed and easy to pack away. They also look more like a standard bike than other models, which makes them a hit with those who aren't sure about the "folding bike look" just yet.

Fall in Love with a Montague Folding Bike

It's not hard to see why Montague are the world leader in folding bikes. Their full size cycles could give any standard bike a run for their money, yet have the added advantage of being folded down and stored in seconds.

Montague makes some of the most versatile bikes on the planet, such as the Montague Paratrooper Pro. Built for off road, it's tough, sturdy and has that mean look many mountain bikers crave.

With 27 speeds, 26-inch wheels and 100mm of travel in the front shocks, the Paratrooper Pro is capable of traveling tough terrain, whether you're flying over a single track all day or doing some remote bike camping. It's full of features and options, too. Choose from an 18 or 20-inch frame, and you'll also get a kickstand, folded bike stand and built in mudguards.

When you're ready to pack it in, Montague's popular folding mountain bike compacts in 20 seconds. Weighing just 31 pounds, its RackStand will even act as a cargo rack when its time to go. Montague is on a mission to smash the stigma of folding bikes, by perfecting quality, handling and comfort without making any sacrifices.

Check Out what Hasa has to Offer

Established in Taiwan in the early 1990s, this company is rising in popularity thanks to the quality of the Hasa folding bike. The design and features of each Hasa model makes their passion for cycling apparently.

Hasa currently offers four different models. Each is of sturdy construction, lightweight and highly convenient. The beefiest of the four models is the F2, and while it features a sturdier frame and mudguards that signal it could be effective on bike paths and easy trails, it's not a fully featured folding mountain bike.

Take a Schwinn for a Spin

Iconic American bike maker Schwinn also crafts quality folding bikes. Their lifelong dedication to quality does show in each model, like the popular Loop 7. This Schwinn folding bike comes in a unisex green and black design and features 20-inch alloy rims and 7 speed Shimano gears.

Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, the Loop 7 weighs just 33 pounds and folds down in seconds. It offers the freedom and performance you'd expect, with added comfort and

Cruise Through Life on a Dahon

This folding bike manufacturer's brand name is synonymous with quality, and one of their most popular models in the Dahon MU P8. It boasts stellar performance and ride quality yet is still lightweight and affordable.

The popular Dahon MU P8. Photo from Examiner.com.

The Dahon MU P8 is ideal for a variety of situations, whether you're cruising to the farmer's market on a Saturday morning or enjoying a cycle down bumpy country roads. Fast and stylish, it features smooth 20-inch wheels, yet is an incredibly light 24.7 pounds and folds down in seconds.

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