Retrospec Bicycles Speck Folding Seven Speed Bicycle Review

Recover your spunk with Retrospec's Speck seven-speed collapsing bicycle.


We've patched up our pervasive single-rate collapsing bicycle to present to you a gnarlier (yet at the same time conservative) voyaging partner. Furthermore, now, you can vanquish much more landscapes with the seven-speed Shimano drivetrain and Shimano Revoshift grasp shifter. We ran with 20" Kenda Kwest suburbanite tires again as a result of their ability to keep your ride stable on dangerous and slide-y surfaces. The huge water scattering grooves keep you on track. The lightweight aluminum edge is lighter and more solid than its steel or chromoly contenders. We've included front and back Promax hand brakes so you can press to a stop simply as you change gears. This person folds up to 10x30x22" and measures a delightful 29 lbs. This lightweight reduced collapsing bicycle is ideal for any of your driving, voyaging and general adventuring needs. The Speck is prescribed for riders running from 4'8 to 6'6, under 240 lbs.


  • Probability to pick between seven velocities, so you will be capable ride on various territories and get to your destination speedier.

    Aluminum hand fabricated casing which gives a light weight and solidness.

    Easy to fold

  • Smaller parts.

    20″ Kenda Kwest worker tires' ability keeps your ride stable on elusive surfaces with expansive water scattering grooves.

    Front and back Promax hand brakes so you can crush to a stop effortlessly.

    Shimano seven-speed FreeWheel having Shimano Revoshift hold shifter. Retrospec Speck Folding Seven Speed Bicycle

    Handlebar's stature is customizable.



  • Cost can't be advocated for some purchasers.

    Not happy for heavier cyclists.

    Wrench length is somewhat little to oblige a taller person.

    No bumpers and back rack.

    No locking system while being collapsed, so you should utilize a coupling strap to secure the wheels together.

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highly recommended!


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