Let's Take a Closer Look at the Dahon Jack D7


If you've been thinking of buying a folding bike, you've likely come across a few Dahon models. One of the most popular collapsible cycles in America, they are turning heads and gaining popularity amongst commuters, travelers, apartment dwellers and more.

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Best Features of the Dahon Jack D7

This full size folding bike boasts a sturdy but relatively light aluminum frame. I find it easy to coast smoothly through my commute thanks to the 26" Schwalbe Big Apple tires, and I love the fact that they're puncture proof. With 7 gears and simple, precise shifting, it's easy to tackle varying terrain and speeds whether I'm riding on gravelly park paths or city streets.

The Jack D7 features a SRAM rear derailleur and oversized, integrated forks. For a full size bike, it's fairly light and compact at 28.4 lbs, and it folds down in about 15 seconds.

Founded by a cycling enthusiast and an engineer, Dahon has certainly made a name for themselves since their inception in Taiwan. Now based in California, their original goal to create a folding bike that could fit under a train seat has grown into developing a variety of compact cycles.

With a combination of quiet evolution, ingenious technology and superior components, they have positioned themselves as a leader in folding bike tech. With more people being committed to energy conservation, Dahon has recognised the need for convenient and environmentally friendly urban mobility.

Who's the Ideal Dahon Jack D7 Rider?

The Jack D7 is perfect for commuters who aren't quite sure about the look of a traditional folding bike, with their unusual frame design and small wheels. Whether you lack a bit of storage space at home or want something that's easy to take between the train station and the office, it's a great choice.

This Dahon model is also great for people who love to travel, such as those who go caravanning or camping. It won't take up a lot of space when you have other stuff to pack along and can be ridden comfortably on park paths and easy trails.

At the same time, it's important to know that the Jack D7 isn't the best choice for anyone who enjoys more serious off road mountain biking; there are other, specialty folding mountain bikes for that.

It's also not the lightest, most compact model on the market. Others weigh less and fold down even smaller. Those who are concerned about carrying it or are very tight for storage space should keep that in mind when considering the Jack D7.

My Problem: I'm not crazy about the look of folding bikes, though I do like the idea of one as I don't have much space. Is the Dahon Jack D7 good for me?

If you're keen on the practicality of a folding bike but you don't like their distinct appearance, you're sure to appreciate the Jack D7. When it's unfolded, it looks just like a standard bike and when it collapses, it'll be easier to tuck out of the way.

This bike is sturdy, lighter than a standard bike and easy to fold down. Many riders even report that two of them can fit into one standard car boot!

What are Dahon Jack D7 Riders Saying About It?

This bike gets resoundingly good reviews from a variety of different sources. Riders call it a "decent, lightweight folding bike" that's enjoyable to ride. It's also praised for the ease of folding and good portability. Many reviewers have called it a "fantastic commuter bike" and said it's excellent for apartment dwellers.

Critics of the Jack D7 have pointed out that it can be challenging to track down spare parts for it, should repairs need to be made. Others have reported that adding the splashguards on can be difficult.

Some riders have stated that the hard, small seat isn't terribly comfortable for longer riders, so it might benefit from a gel cover that will make it a little more cushy. It's also not ideally designed for riding at high speeds. Finally, some have reinforced the point that the bike isn't as easy to carry as other models, which are lighter and more compact.

The Dahon Jack D7 vs. the Dahon Speed Uno

Both the Jack D7 and the Speed Uno by Dahon are popular bikes, although they do have some differences. First of all, it's worth pointing out that the Speed Uno is the number one folding bike in America.

The Speed Uno has a more traditional look, with smaller tires and the folding frame you'd expect. The wheels are 20" compared to the D7's 26". It's a sleek, modern design but the difference in appearance between it and the Jack D7 is obvious.

The Speed Uno is a single speed bike, as the name suggests, while the D7 of course has 7 speeds. That makes the Uno better for whipping in and out of city traffic with ease, while the D7 is better equipped to handle a variety of riding situations.

While each bike features some different components, what they do have in common is quality manufacturing. Of course, it's worth bearing in mind that the Speed Uno is a good 4 pounds lighter than the Jack D7.

The Verdict

While Dahon's Jack D7 isn't the lightest, most portable folding bike on the market, it's ideal for those who like the fact it's a full sized frame. To play devil's advocate, it's not the highest quality full size folding bike either. What it does have going for it is its value.

This is a very good quality bike for an affordable price. Others might be fancier, lighter or cheaper but it's a great combination of features, craftsmanship and value that's hard to beat. If you're looking for a good quality ride without paying a fortune, it's hard to go wrong with the D7.

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