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There are so many fun ways to get around these days, from powered bikes to electric folding scooters. Whether you want to make your jaunt around campus easier, your journey between the station and the office more fun or your travel excursions more adaptable, there's a fabulous, eco-friendly option for you.

Check out the URB-e Electric Folding Scooter

Many of us think of folding bikes and other modes of transport for commuting, but what about a scooter? Once the go-to mode of travel for school kids and youngsters on the high street, these models are far more technologically advanced, practical and fun for adults.

URB-e scooters are handmade in California, using quality parts like carbon fibre and aircraft grade aluminum. The result? Arguably one of the best, lightest and most compact folding scooters in the world.

The URB-e Black Label model.

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http://shop.urb-e.com .

These 2-wheeled contraptions will stow anywhere and unfold in seconds when it's time to put them into action. They're designed to be both as light and as durable as possible, and they seem to hold up very well.

URB-e is funky and functional for gliding around a university or company campus. They're also great to bring along on a camping or boating trip and are even used by hotels that rent them out to guests keen to explore city centres.

Take a Look at the Awesome Greenbike USA

The Greenbike USA electric folding bicycle is another sound choice if you're not quite up for a scooter. It features a 36W fast charging Samsung lithium battery, which can take riders up to 50 miles before it needs to be plugged in again. It also has full suspension for a comfortable ride, going up to 20 miles per hour on its 350-watt motor!

There are three different modes on the Greenbike, for whatever you need at the time. You can do regular biking, enjoy six levels of power assist or go for throttle only when your legs need a break.

This fantastic ride also features an LCD display that controls different features, including the front and rear lights, a USB outlet, Shimano gears and front and rear disc brakes. Could it be up there amongst the best electric bikes?

The Mighty Mariner and the Smart Uebiky

If you need something with a bit of guts, the Prodeco Mariner 8 is up for the challenge. With an 8-speed drive train and 300-watt motor, it can go at least 18 miles per hour with on-demand style propulsion.

Go for a cruise on this folding electric bike and you'll appreciate its beautiful, glossy design, ability to collapse for easy carrying or storage and smooth, 20-inch wheels. They're made of aircraft grade aluminum, helping to keep the Mariner light.

Made in Taiwan, the Uebiky electric bike is fun and high-tech in a way that others aren't. It even has its own app! Use it with your purchase to map your bike rides with Bluetooth and track other, related information.

Besides being smart, this electric folding bicycle is also compact and lightweight. With an all-aluminum body, front fork suspension and 20-inch wheels, it'll glide along like a feather, smoothly taking you wherever you need to go.

The Uebiky also benefits from a 36V rechargeable Samsung lithium battery and front and rear disc brakes. It can take you on journeys of 25 to 35 miles per charge, and speeds of up to 18 miles per hour.

Glide on a Glion

Have you seen the Kickstarter campaign for the Glion Dolly Scooter? Its self-standing "dolly" style is aimed at putting an end to dreary, boring commutes. Take a ride when you need it, experiencing the smooth, silent and instant acceleration. Then, fold the scooter up for easy carrying or pulling behind you like a suitcase on wheels. It only weighs 26 pounds!

The Glion is safe, eco-friendly and uses a rechargeable lithium battery that will take you up to 15 miles before it needs to be plugged back in. On that, you can go up to 15 miles per hour, which isn't quite as fast as some electric scooters but is more efficient than walking.

Go for a Spin on a Schwinn

And now, for something completely different. Not into the powered bikes or scooters but still want a fun way to get around? What about a Schwinn Meridian tricycle?

This single speed adult tricycle offers everything you'd expect from Schwinn; a beautiful design, comfortable ride and durable construction. Some riders have remarked that it's not as easy to maneuver as other models, but overall it's excellent value for money.

The model with 24-inch wheels is noticeably lighter than the 26-inch version, making it better for smaller riders or anyone who prefers smaller wheels. What's more, the wheels are made of alloy and the frame lightweight aluminum, for a tricycle that is lighter than previous three-wheelers. Despite it's lightness, it certainly doesn't feel flimsy or cheap.

While this trike isn't great on rougher terrain, it's ideal for most in-town excursions, and even features a basket on the back. Whether you're picking groceries up at the farmer's market, going on a picnic or taking your puppy along for a jaunt, it's a lot of fun to ride. Just remember that it requires more storage space than a regular bicycle!

Stop Driving, Start Riding

OK we know that sometimes driving is essential. But if you're able to enjoy a jaunt on two or three wheels now and then, you'll get a chance to enjoy fresh air, a little exercise and the opportunity to be kinder to the planet.

Consider also the convenience that foldable models offer when it comes time to store then, or how much easier having a little power boost is instead of always walking and pedaling. If you decide to check out any of the products we've featured here today, we can bet you'll have a little more fun on your daily journey!

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