Which Folding Bike Would You Choose?


There is such a vast range of folding bikes on the market today, those shopping for one for the first time can struggle knowing where to begin. Are you looking for a cheap and cheerful budget model or a pricier, more elegant investment? A simple single speed folding bike or a full size folding bike? Hopefully this information about folding bikes for sale will make choosing the perfect model a bit easier for you.

The Ever-Popular Schwinn

Schwinn has been making bikes for a long time, and is well known for their affordable and revolutionary fitness related equipment. Schwinn bikes tend to have a smooth ride with a great level of comfort and control, and the company is committed to providing quality cycling experiences for all ages and skill levels.

If you're looking to buy from a company that has a good reputation and price point, a bike Schwinn makes, such as the Loop, is a wise choice. Built for comfort and convenience, it features 20-inch alloy wheels, a 3-piece single speed crank set and 7-speed Shimano grift shift. At 33 pounds it isn't the lightest folding bike on the market, but the Schwinn Loop 7 speed folding bike is of sturdy construction and easy to fold.

The Loop has been praised for its beautiful design, quality brakes and adjustable seat. However, some people have raised concerns that there's no locking mechanism to keep the wheels together, and have pointed out the bike is fairly heavy and bulky to tote around. However, if you're considering a Schwinn folding bike for sale, the Loop is good value for money.

Simplicity With Single Speed

For those who like to keep it simple, there are also some single speed folding bikes on the market that combine minimalist styling with superb quality. In fact, renowned folding bike brands Dahon and Brompton both make excellent versions.

The Dahon Speed Uno is simple, compact and ideal for zipping around crowded cities. It weighs 24.2 pounds, features the single speed Shimano coaster and folds down in less than 15 seconds. Anyone who needs to buzz from home to the train station or the office will love this commuter favourite.

By comparison, the Brompton S1E is a luxurious, high quality single speed folding bike. While it's more of an investment than other models, its quality construction virtually guarantees it will last for years. Brompton bikes also tend to hold their value nicely.

The S1E weighs only 22.4 pounds despite its steel frame, and coasts on 16-inch wheels. Even smaller than the Dahon Speed Uno, it can truly take you anywhere. If you like to cruise down tight alleys and dart in and out of crowds, it's a great choice.

The Brompton S1E has many customisable options, from colour and lighting to saddle height and mudguards; when you're investing in a bike of this quality, it's nice to have the ability to make it truly your own.

Best of all, despite the smaller wheel size this cycle is highly regarded for its smooth, stable ride and steering.

Full Size And Folding

Those who aren't quite sold on the idea of a folding bike are often brought around with the lure of a full size model that happens to fold. Montague makes bikes that are perfect examples of this. The company manufactures full size folding bikes for both city streets and mountain trails, and boasts having the strongest folding bike frame on the market.

While Montague's full size folding bikes aren't as light and compact as smaller models, they do feature a simple and safe wheel quick release and tool free handlebar height adjustment, which are brilliant features to have. It's immediately apparent that their bikes are truly made by cyclists, for cyclists

Another excellent example of a full size folding bike is the stylish and fun Dahon Espresso. It utilises flat pack style folding technology, making it easy to store for those who have less space to accommodate a bike in their flat, office or car boot.

The Dahon Espresso is excellent for urban riders, with its slick styling and quality construction. With 24 gears and 26 inch wheels, it offers the smooth, speedy ride many commuters crave.

Spoiled for Choice

It's true; if you're in the market for a folding bike you're quite spoiled for choice. Even if you don't have a large budget, there are well made cycles available at affordable prices. In fact, the affordability and accessibility of folding bikes is what endears them to so many people, from professionals looking for a greener, more cost effective commute to families who want to pop out for rides on country lanes when the sun is shining. Whatever your needs are, don't overlook the quality, practicality and fun of a quirky folding bike.

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