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If you're looking for a bike that virtually has it all – style, speed, durability, ease of storage, then Montague's Crosstown is a pretty great choice you're sure to appreciate. Check out our Montague Crosstown Review.
A 700 cc full size folding bike, it offers a lot for a fair price. A hybrid folding/road bike, riders can achieve good speed for a low energy output, making it fun to ride. I appreciate the elegant craftsmanship, especially the flowing top tube design and graceful slope of the frame. Safe and sturdy, it also includes a quality Shimano 7 speed derailleur.
Crosstown Review

A particularly interesting fact is that the Crosstown uses the Octagon system, which lets you alter the handlebar height while riding. In addition to the quality components, one of the best features of the Crosstown, like all of Montague's models, is that it's full-size. This makes it appealing to a much wider audience.

I have found that Montague's bikes are a great solution to an issue I was having; one I know other cyclists share with me. Lacking storage space, I liked the idea of a folding bike because I could use it to commute to work and then tuck it out of the way when I got home. No awkward bike taking up half my living room!

Unfortunately, I wasn't keen on the look of a regular folding bike. The little wheels and awkwardly distinct frame just didn't appeal to me at all. When I tried the Crosstown, I was pleasantly surprised. All the benefits of a foldable cycle, and only the most trained eye would notice that my Montague wasn't a high end, traditional, full sized ride.

Is this bike good for commuters?

In a word, yes! Although not quite as small and light as traditionally smaller folding cycles, the Crosstown is still much more portable than a traditional bike. It might not be quite as easy to carry up train station stairs or through the halls of your office, but at just 27 pounds it's still pretty light and compact when folded down. Accordingly, it's easy to tuck away in a corner of your office or in a luggage rack on the bus.

Will the Crosstown replace my high-end road bike?

Unfortunately, not quite. Although it's designed similarly, stable and made of good components, the Crosstown isn't quite as ergonomic and smooth to shift as a regular road bike. The seat also isn't quite as comfortable, either. You wouldn't want to take it at very high speeds or for long distance rides on a regular basis. Instead, it's a great hybrid commuter ride.

If you're looking for a true folding road bike, the Montague FIT is a much better choice. It features a 19 or 21-inch frame, 30 speeds and 700 cc wheels. The FIT is suited to longer road rides, weekend cycling trips and bike riding as a workout. It truly offers the speed and performance of a road bike with the versatility of a hybrid folding cycle.

Of course, the price you'll pay for the Montague FIT is much higher than that of a Crosstown, but it's worth investing in want both a folding bike and a zippy road racer.

Just how does the Crosstown fold?

Montague's folding system is really quite clever. The entire frame pivots around the seat tube, almost as if the bike is breaking in half. The front wheel has a quick release feature, as does the frame with its own quick release skewer.

When compacted, the Crosstown is only a little taller and wider than its 700 cc wheel, making it easy enough to tuck away in your car boot or closet.

The Montague Crosstown's target audience


All indications point to the Crosstown as an ideal bike for commuters – and it sure is. It's also great for anyone who likes to hop on a bike now and then for a trip to the farmer's market or a ride through the park, and doesn't have room at home for a big bike.

On the other hand, the Crosstown isn't great for those who want to do serious speeds, off road riding or long distance cycling on a regular basis. Again, the Montague FIT would be a better option if that's what you're into.

The overall opinion of the Crosstown is that it's a fun, versatile bike you can take nearly anywhere. It's often indicated as being one of the best on the market, being available at such a great price for such quality construction.

Some people wish that it had greater than seven speeds, more responsive brakes and a higher quality seat.

Montague Navigator Review Comparison

There are several distinct differences as well as a few similarities between the Crosstown and another Montague model, the Navigator. Their frames bear some similarities, both use Montague's excellent, quick release folding technique and they each weigh the same and benefit from 700 cc alloy rims.
Montague Navigator Review

While all Montague bikes are good quality, the Navigator is a more premium model than the Crosstown. It also has 27 speeds, compared to the 7 speed Crosstown. This makes the Navigator a better option if you have a few hills in your journey. Of course, it also adds to the cost.

The Verdict

Of course, no bike will ever be 100% perfect – there will always be a little something that a rider would like to be lighter, more responsive or better designed.

However, overall the Montague Crosstown is a pretty great bike. It offers a great balance between folding and full size, has many quality components and is good value for money.

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