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Catlike Rapid Tri Helmet

Catlike Rapid Tri Helmet

Honest customer reviews

"Finally! I have found a triathlon helmet that is comfortable AND cooling. I have tried many triathlon helmets from Rudy, Lazer and Giro and none of them have had the combination of being comfortable, light and cooling.

The vents are perfectly placed to channel air across the top and back. The ear vents channel air across your ears. Because your ears act as a temperature regulator for the body, channeling air across your ears cools your core. The size is easily dialed in on the fly and the helmet is very easy to put on in transition EVEN with the visor in place.

The visor is held in place with strong magnets and stays put. This is about as close to a perfect helmet as you can get. It was shipped fast and packed well.." Best Catlike Helmets.
Catlike Rapid Tri Helmet Features:

  • Tri Ventilation: Three points of ventilation strategically placed to guarantee ventilation without compromising aerodynamics
  • Two frontal "entry" air vents and two rear "exit" air vents are linked and create an internal air channel above head where heat accumulates
  • Two lateral air vents along side of helmet, ushers air along ears for improved thermal regulation
  • Outlast (Temperature Regulation) innovative padding that adjusts to skin temperature for optimal comfort. Best Catlike Helmets
  • Integrated aerodynamic visor, treated with anti-scratch and anti-fog properties
  • Includes two (2) interchangeable visors and protective hard case
  • Colors: White (WHT), Blue (BLU) and Red (RED)
  • Size (weight): One Size 54-59cm (415g)
  • best price
  • Catlike Chrono Aero WT
  • Catlike Chrono Aero WT Helmet
  • best price

  • customer reviews
  • "Superior comfort, fit, and breathability...best helmet"

"Probably the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn. I'm hoping that the large vent holes will help keep my head cooler during the summer."

"This is a sharp-looking comfortable bike helmet. I was a die-hard Giro fan until I bought my first Catlike Chrono. I would be happy to recommend this to anyone looking for a terrific helmet."

    Catlike ChronoAero WT  DESCRIPTION

    Every surface of the Catlike Chrono Aero WT Helmet is designed to exploit its aerodynamic properties.

    Time trialing is all about speed...getting from "point A" to "point B" in the least amount of time. But it's also about the details; the Chrono Aero WT features in-mold construction for high-impact protection and safety.

    It uses an ultralight 4-n-1 strap retention system (MPS eVo) to dial-in the perfect customized fit. And the Coolmax padding helps regulate head temperature and humidity for optimal comfort. With superb construction and second-splitting aerodynamics, having Catlike-speed is possible with the Chrono Aero WT Helmet.

    Catlike Cloud 352 Aero Road Helmet

    Catlike Cloud 352 Aero Road Helmet


    "Love the look and feel of this helmet. I have a 7 1/2 sized big head and the large fits well. Looks very good."

    "I love this Catlike bike helmet. It is light, very airy and very functional."

    Boasting Dual AEROSystem technology, the Cloud 352 Aero Road Helmet from Catlike allows you to adapt to the environment thanks to its interchangeable shells.

    With more possibilities, the Cloud 352 bike helmet comes with a vented and solid shell which allows you to fine-tune the helmet based on the race conditions. Purpose-built for triathletes and cyclist seeking to maximize their performance,

    the Cloud 352 aero helmet offers superior aerodynamics without sacrificing excellent ventilation. It features Catlike's proprietary MPS eVo (Multi Position System Evolution) 4-point adjustable retention system for ultimate comfort and Dual Flow thermal regulation to keep you from overheating on the toughest rides. A winner on any course, under any rider, the Catlike Cloud 352 Aero Road Helmet aims for the podium, and delivers the win! Best Catlike Helmets.


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