dahon speed p8 review


dahon speed p8 review is about a shocking folding bike that has some extraordinary components, dahon speed p8 emerges from the group in numerous a bigger number of courses than one! Another strong expansion to the collapsing bicycle market by Dahon!

dahon speed p8 : Specification

dahon speed p8 Folded Size:  12.59? x 31.98? x 25.84? (31.8cm x 81.5cm x 66.8cm)

Folded Time:  Less than 15 seconds

Weight:  26.9lbs (12.1kg)

Brakes:  110mm WinZup V Brakes

Speeds / Gears:  8

Wheel Size:  20?

Frame Type:  Super Lite 4130 K-Series

Chain:  KMC Z82

dahon speed p8 Tires:  StreetPac 20.05? x 1.74?

dahon speed p8 Gear Shifter:  Dahon Twist Shifter (Neos)

Maximum Rider Weight:  229kg (104.5kg)

As clear and fresh as its shading palette, the Dahon Speed P8 knows where it's going and how to get you there. Genuine quality in execution and style, the Dahon Speed P8's firm edge, inflexible controlling and comfortable Big Apple tires are inspiringly uncompromising, even on the most noticeably awful streets. Bring it with on a trek, on your pontoon, or drive around town. Dahon is the #1 collapsing bicycle brand which is as it should be.


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Dahon Speed p8 and dahon bikes replaced plastic locking devise instead of magnets

dahon speed p8 review


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