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Are you after a fun ride that will help you on your daily commute? If so, check out this great folding bike. Compact yet sturdy, quality yet affordable, the Dahon Speed 7 is a pretty great buy.

With a fun, quirky appearance that includes 20-inch wheels, a sleek design and the option of several different, modern colours, it regularly tops the lists of many cycling enthusiasts.

dahon speed d7

The Dahon Speed 7 folding bike features a light chromoly frame, 7 speed Shimano rear derailleur, Neos shifter and Winzip 110 mm v-brakes. It also has a forged alloy handpost and aluminum wheels. The design makes this bike light and compact, yet it's still sturdy, dependable and up for your daily commute.

The Speed 7 is perfect for those who want to make the journey from home to the station or the station to the office a bit easier – and a lot more fun! Weighing just 27 pounds and folding down in seconds, it can be tucked out of the way on a crowded train, at home or in the office, no matter how little space you have.

In fact, that's what attracted me to this bike. My apartment has no extra space to spare, and my office isn't that big either. In fact, neither is my bike budget! But the Speed 7 is so compact it doesn't get in my way – and I can actually carry it up and down the stairs myself with no trouble. It also didn't cost a fortune.

Another aspect of this bike that I really like is how easy it is to use. I have been intrigued by other commuters using folding bikes for a while now, and the Speed 7 really attracted me to the idea. It's responsive and offers a simply fun, straightforward riding experience. One particularly interesting fact is that it comes complete with nifty and practical rack and fenders.

Is this bike still strong and sturdy, seeing as it's so compact?

Definitely! Dahon bikes are of quality construction in general, and the Speed 7 is certainly no exception. The chromoly Sonus frame is 60% stronger than high tensile steel, despite its light weight, and the other alloy and aluminum parts are just as excellent. You shouldn't be wobbling all over the place, and the bike can certainly handle being ridden daily.

dahon d7 folded

Is this bike suitable over different terrain?

Yes and no. It depends on just what you want to do. It's obviously not a mountain bike, but it does have excellent ground clearance and an improved gear range, which make it suitable for a gravelly park path or a few hills.

However, this bike is largely designed for commuters and city dwellers who will be zipping around the streets.

What's one of the best features?

A key feature of the Dahon Speed 7 is its excellent handling. Sporty and effective, it maneuvers quickly, is capable of making sharp turns and has an ultra sensitive Neos shifter. This great handling makes the bike ideal for weaving in and out of traffic, up and down alleyways and through a busy, bustling city.

Other people who have ridden this folding bike have praised it for its slick styling and responsive handling. One thing that has been raised as a complaint is that the seat isn't terribly comfortable, but other owners have swapped it for a wider one and found the ride enjoyable.
The Dahon Speed D7 Target Audience

The Speed D7 is definitely targeted at commuters and city dwellers. With the rack on the back, you can strap a few bits and bobs to it and make your way around from the train station to the farmer's market. It's a durable and dependable little bike ideally suited to those who live in an urban area or don't have a lot of space.

On the other hand, it's not an ideal bike if you want to do any long distance cycling, off road riding or picking up higher speeds. If you're planning to ride all the way to work every day or want to do a lot of recreational cycling this probably isn't the bike for

Dahon Mariner D7 Review Comparison

If you're shopping around for folding bikes, it's likely that you've already stumbled upon the Dahon Mariner D7. It is the best-selling folding bike in America for several years now, and while the Speed D7 is great it really has some excellent features.

The main difference between the Mariner and the Speed is that the former is rust resistant. This makes it excellent for people who go sailing and want something to buzz around on when they pull into port, or anyone who spends a lot of time riding in a more damp environment.

Another difference is that the Mariner has a lightweight aluminum frame compared to the chromoly frame of the Speed. This makes it more than 2 pounds lighter. Otherwise, the bikes feature similar components and design, but the Mariner is better for humid, rainy or seaside environments.

The Verdict

It's hard to complain about a Dahon bike. While nothing is perfect, it's a pretty sturdy little ride to zip around the city on or make your commute easier. You might not find it the most comfortable for longer distances, but for shorter city jaunts it's ideal and won't let you down.

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