Power Up Your Commute With Folding Electric Bikes


If you've been thinking of buying a bike for your commute, you may have been looking into the various compact options available. Lightweight and collapsible, folding bikes are a popular choice – but what if you could add some extra zip to your daily ride?

Whether you're buzzing to the train station or soaring down to the farmer's market, you may be interested in the best electric folding bike models available for purchase. That added motor will make your cycling easier, saving your energy and ensuring your legs aren't so tired by the time you arrive at your destination.
Xiaomi Mi QiCycle

But which best electric folding bike 2016 do you choose? There are so many different brands available, it can be hard to determine which to go for. When it comes down to it, the bike that suits your budget and feels the most comfortable to you is likely the best choice.

With that in mind, here are a few different models we like and think you may want to consider, from brands like Uebiky and ProdecoTech.


ProdecoTech's Beautiful Bikes

This electric cycle is nothing short of gorgeous. With a 26" pure white, glossy frame it looks sleek, modern and less quirky than some commuter bike models. It also features quality SRAM X7 gears with Avid DBI hydraulic disc brakes. The powerful 500 watt rear direct drive motor makes for a great boost while you maintain total control of the sensitive handling.

X-Treme Baja Folding Electric Mountain Bicycle

Absolutely packed with awesome features, the Prodeco V5 Stride 500 8 speed folding electric bicycle isn't the cheapest on the market, but it's not the most expensive either. Overall, it's stylish and ideal for virtually all ages and riding abilities.

Another popular bike by this brand is the ProdecoTech Mariner LD V3. Made of brushed aluminum with a clear satin finish, it looks ultra modern and clean. At 42 pounds, it's not super light but it still manages to be very portable. It's also rust resistant, has a 300 watt motor which can achieve up to 500 watts at peak power and comes with a Samsung battery.

The Mariner is rust resistant and can be relied upon, making it excellent for commuters.

The ProdecoTech Phantom X3 is also a worthy option, which is especially popular in America. Its design is rather unique and makes it stand out in a sea of ordinary bikes. The Phantom comes with a SRAM drivetrain considered by experts to be "best in class." It also features Continental tires.
The build quality and components on the Phantom make it comparable to more expensive models, but with a modest price tag.

Richbit's Adorable Mini Model

Looking for something truly small and snappy? The Richbit RT-14 mini folding ebike 250 watt 36 volt 14.3 kg bike is very compact, and very fun! Great for urban dwellers who need to dart amongst crowds or traffic and have an added boost to their ride, it has a modest 14 inch aluminum frame, making it very light. The battery pack charges quickly and the overall styling is funky.

Of course, being such a mini bike this model might not be ideal for especially tall cyclists or long rides, but there is definitely a market for a teeny ride, especially in a big city.

e-Joe's Slick City Ride

If you like the features and benefits of a folding bike but want a little more styling or power, the 2017 e-Joe Epik SE Sport Edition Electric Bike is pretty awesome. While most similar models feature 300 to 500 watt motors, its rear motor comes in at 550 watts. It also uses a high capacity LG battery, has front and rear disc brakes and 7 speed Shimano gears.

You can get up to 20 miles per hour on this ride, all without a driving license! That is sure to make your commute to work quicker and easier. It's no wonder that it's received favourable reviews from eJoe owners.


If You Fancy a Faulkner

Is your biggest consideration that you powered cycle be affordable? Then you may want to take a look at the Faulkner WL-2015A 6 speed folding electric bike. Typically less than half the cost of other models, it still has 20 inch rims, a quality allow frame, v brakes and a 6 speed Shimano derailleur.

Of course, the trade off is that this bike only has a 250 watt rear drive motor, while most other models have double the power. However, you can still cruise at speeds of up to 19 miles per hour!

Faulker also has options if you're not set on a power boost with your bike ride. The Faulkner WL 2015A is a 6 speed folding pedal bike with an alloy frame and T-type handlebars. What it lacks in power it makes up for in comfort, with a pretty fabulous adjustable leather seat. Of course, it's also much cheaper than models which have motors attached.

Do you Uebiky?

Finally, the creatively named Uebiky now has a powered ride in their lineup. Touted by the company as "the latest" motorized ride, the Uebiky folding electric bicycle has a lot going for it.

A compact 20 inch, 7 speed bike, it has a folding, ultra light all-aluminum body, front fork suspension and front and rear disc brakes. It also includes a power brake handle for added safety and a quality Samsung lithium polymer battery.

Amazingly, even with so many components the Uebiky only weighs 18 kilograms. It's no wonder the brand is growing in popularity!

Whatever you're after, there are plenty of folding bikes and electric cycles out there to suit every budget and style.


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